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✔️ Premium wallpaper
✔️ This material doesn't require any extra glue.
✔️ Completely removable, Easy stick, matte surface.
✔️ It offers the opportunity to easily move the wallpaper to the appropriate position.
✔️ Can be applied to any flat surface (such as Wall, Refrigerator, Furniture)
✔️ The print on it is durable. You can easily clean it with a sponge or soft cloth.
❗ If your wall has been recently painted, wait at least 4 - 7 weeks before applying the wallpaper.
❗The removable wallpaper is suitable for smooth surface with any type of paint just not washsble paints such as acrylic or latex
❗ Important: There should be absolutely no dust, oil, etc. items that will prevent adhesion on the surface to be applied!

◆◆ IMPORTANT NOTE ◆◆◆ Our wallpapers are not recommended for application over paints advertised as being stain-resistant or washable. These paints are crafted to prevent things from sticking -- including wallpaper. If in doubt, prime your walls with a flat white primer. For best results, apply wallpaper to a surface that is a solid, light color. If your wall has been recently painted, allow at least 4+ weeks for the paint to cure before applying wallpaper. Applying wallpaper over uncured paint can lead to bubbling. Our wallpaper will not stick to cement or textured walls. We recommend the Smooth Water-Activated Wallpaper for children's rooms and nurseries.

Our TRADITIONAL wallpaper is:

✔️ wallpaper on a non-woven basis.
✔️ Applied with standard wallpaper paste/glue
✔️ For printing, we use environmentally friendly paint.
✔️It is safe for you and your loved ones and has no smell.
✔️ The image does not fade with time and from the sun.
✔️The surface of the wallpaper is not smooth, but relief, imitating the texture of the canvas.
✔️ Make sure that the wall surface is prepared properly. It should be hard, dry, clean, smooth and moisture-absorbing.
- glue is NOT included in the order

• Colors and sizing may vary slightly from the image above.
• Please ensure to order enough for your entire wall. As per printing industry standards, we cannot guarantee a perfect color match if items are printed in different batches.

If you have any other idea or want your own image to be printed as wallpaper/ wall mural, just write me a message and I’ll make a custom design/size for you.

Please double-check all measurements as we cannot be responsible for improperly measured wall dimensions.